To establish an independent advisory committee to review certain regulations, and for other purposes.

Introduced in House
Regulatory Improvement Act of 2017

This bill establishes in the legislative branch the Regulatory Improvement
Commission to make recommendations and propose legislation for modification,
consolidation, or repeal of regulations that have been finalized not later than
10 years before the establishment of the commission for the purpose of reducing
compliance costs, encouraging growth and innovation, improving competitiveness,
and protecting public safety.

 The commission must give priority to such regulations that: (1) impose
disproportionately high costs on a small entity, (2) create substantial
recurring paperwork burdens or transaction costs, or (3) could be made more
effective while reducing regulatory costs.

The bill sets forth reporting requirements for the commission and procedures for
congressional consideration of commission reports, recommendations, and proposed



  • Referred to House Rules

    Feb 7th, 2017
  • Referred to House Oversight and Government Reform

    Feb 7th, 2017
  • Referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and in addition to the Committee on Rules, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

    Feb 7th, 2017
  • Introduced in House

    Feb 7th, 2017
  • Introduced in House

    Feb 7th, 2017