What is Local Town Poll?

Did you know there are resolutions, ordinances & bills being discussed and decided on by elected representatives all the time? There are elected city council members meeting 1-2 times a month. There are state representatives meeting every day while that state’s legislature is in session. There are Senators and Representatives at the national level, deciding on bills that will affect Americans almost every working day of the year. Local Town Poll covers all of the national bills with updated statuses as well as House, Senate, Unicameral, etc. in all 50 states. We also cover city council Resolutions and Ordinances in Chicago, Denver, New York City, San Antonio and we are adding more cities all the time!

Local Toll Poll was developed to make it easier to stay up-to-date and get involved in local, state and national politics. Every detail page includes a source link where you can find more information on legislation. Try following a state or city then go to your home page to see new legislation from that state and other locations you are following.

Before legislations has been decided upon, Local Town Poll polls are open for registered users to participate in. Information from this poll in completely anonymous and is only meant to be a general representation of opinions about current legislation. The hope is to encourage the idea that these laws compose a living document, that if you don’t like the way things are as a citizen, you can do something to change it in America.