Resolution 11 Annexation Petition for the GG Petroleum Annexation

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Mar 14th 2017
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                    APPLICATION SUMMARY
Owners of parcels at Interstate 70 and Elberta Avenue, north of the Government Highline Canal,
are requesting annexation. The petition for annexation includes four parcels owned by the
Christensen Ranch Partnership along with the adjoining rights of way of Elberta Avenue (37
3/10 Road), G 7/10 Road and the Government Highline Canal for a total of 18.84 acres.
The annexation request is the result of the intent of Golden Gate Petroleum to purchase the land
and construct a new store on a portion of the site. The land is currently undeveloped with the
exception of a fruit stand constructed in the mid-1970s. The fruit stand of approximately 1,800
square feet has been utilized in the past for the seasonal sales of local produce. Upon the
purchase and approvals for annexation, zoning and preliminary subdivision, Golden Gate
Petroleum intends to relocate the fruit stand to another location on the site and obtain site plan
approval for a new convenience retail store with retail fuel sales. The retail store would be
located along the Elberta Avenue frontage. The remainder of the land is not requested for
development at this time. Initiation of annexation is the first step in the review process. The
public will be notified of all of the hearings for annexation, zoning and preliminary subdivision
by newspaper publication, mail-out notices and a signs posted on the property.
The first action of the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees is to determine that the
petition for annexation satisfies the Colorado Revised Statutes. If the Board of Trustees
determines at its March 14 meeting that the petition and map, as submitted, are in substantial
compliance with subsection (1) of Section 31-12-107, C.R.S., a date is established not less than
30 or more than 60 days for a public hearing for consideration of the annexation request, subject
to public notice requirements. If the Board determines that the request is not in compliance, then
no further action is taken to consider the request.
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                    RESOLUTION TEXT
WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Town of Palisade, Colorado, finds and determines
that a Petition for Annexation of certain territory, to be known as the "GG PALISADE ANNEXATION"
filed with the Town Clerk on February 13, 2017 is in substantial compliance with Section 31-12-
107(1), C.R.S., as amended; and
WHEREAS, a public hearing should be held to determine if the proposed annexation
complies with the Colorado Constitution and Section 31-12-104 and 31-12-105, C.R.S., as amended,
or such parts thereof as may be required to establish eligibility under the terms of Section 31-12-
101, C.R.S., et seq.
The Board of Trustees hereby sets a public hearing for such purposes for the 9th day of May, 2017,
at six o’clock p.m., at the Palisade Civic Center, 341 West 7th Street, Palisade, Colorado, and directs
the Town Clerk to publish and give notice as required by law.


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