A.B.202. Requires an interim study concerning the cost and affordability of higher education in this State. (BDR S-722)

Nevada Assembly
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  • Approved by the Governor. Chapter 150.

    Fri, May 26th 2017
  • Enrolled and delivered to Governor.

    Tue, May 23rd 2017
  • In Assembly. To enrollment.

    Fri, May 19th 2017
  • Read third time. Passed. Title approved. (Yeas: 20, Nays: 1.) To Assembly.

    Thu, May 18th 2017
  • Read second time.

    Wed, May 17th 2017
  • Placed on Second Reading File.

    Wed, May 17th 2017
  • From committee: Do pass.

    Wed, May 17th 2017
  • Read first time. Referred to Committee on Education. To committee.

    Wed, Apr 26th 2017
  • In Senate.

    Wed, Apr 26th 2017
  • Taken from Chief Clerk's desk.

    Tue, Apr 25th 2017
  • Placed on General File.

    Tue, Apr 25th 2017
  • Read third time. Passed, as amended. Title approved, as amended. (Yeas: 41, Nays: 1.) To Senate.

    Tue, Apr 25th 2017
  • Exempt pursuant to Joint Standing Rule 14.6, subsection 4(a).

    Thu, Apr 20th 2017
  • Placed on Chief Clerk's desk.

    Thu, Apr 20th 2017
  • Taken from General File.

    Thu, Apr 20th 2017
  • From printer. To engrossment. Engrossed. First reprint .

    Thu, Apr 20th 2017
  • Read second time. Amended. (Amend. No. 222.) To printer.

    Wed, Apr 19th 2017
  • From committee: Amend, and do pass as amended.

    Tue, Apr 18th 2017
  • From printer. To committee.

    Wed, Feb 15th 2017
  • Read first time. Referred to Committee on Education. To printer.

    Mon, Feb 13th 2017
  • Prefiled pursuant to JSR 14.2.1(d).

    Mon, Feb 13th 2017