O-8. Zoning Certain Property Known as 3810 North River Road to LI Light Industrial

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Apr 25th 2017
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                    An Ordinance of the Town of Palisade, Colorado, Amending the Zone District Map of the Town by
Zoning Certain Property Known as 3810 North River Road (Parcel #2937-091-00-106) from CB
Commercial Business to LI Light Industrial

The owner of the Lincoln Cabinets, located at 3810 N. River Road, is requesting that the
business and land be rezoned from the current zoning of Commercial Business to the Light
Industrial District. The area of land encompassed by the request is approximately 1.26 acres in
size. According to the applicant’s letter of intent “the classification of Light Industrial zone is
better suited for the business being conducted at 3810 N. River Road.” 
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                    SITE HISTORY: The site of the requested rezoning was never subdivided. It was annexed into the Town in 1981
along with land to the east and west. The existing 5,000 square foot building was constructed on
the site in 1965 or sixteen years prior to the annexation. The exterior of the building is industrial
in nature constructed with corrugated metal walls and roof. The current owner purchased the
building in 2007 from Georgia’s Peaches, LLC. Building permits were issued in 2008 to convert
the fruit cooler, which it served as originally, to a cabinet making shop. In 2010, permits were
issued to install a 26.2 KW solar array on top of the existing building. The most recent building
permit was issued in 2015 to convert interior storage space to office space. The owner of the
building expressed the desire to rezone the property in order to accommodate expansion of the
cabinet manufacturing business in the future.

At the time the area was annexed into the town, no industrial zoning was designated for any
areas of the Town. The site was originally zoned as B-2 Business replaced by the CB
Commercial Business District in 2008 with the adoption of the new Land Development Code.
Although the 2007 Comprehensive Plan supported industrial uses for several parts of the Town,
including areas adjoining this land, no areas were actually zoned Light Industrial after the LI
District was established in 2008. Light Industrial zoning has since been established for the
Stump Industrial Park to the east.

Surrounding development includes a small building of approximately 1,500 square feet to the
east constructed in 1942, and a larger warehousing building to the west that houses the Food
Bank of the Rockies. The Food Bank building includes an area of approximately 28,580 square
feet. The building on that site, which was originally constructed in 1972, was upgraded and the
site was improved in 2012 when the land and building were transferred to the Food Bank. Other
development within the same block includes an industrial style metal building of approximately
8,000 square feet constructed in 1951 and a warehouse of approximately 6,184 square feet
constructed in 1941 that remains outside the Town Limits. 

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