Variance to Section 2.69 of the Palisade Land Development Code for the property at 3810 North River Road

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Apr 25th 2017
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                    An application has been submitted for the property at 3018 N. River Road to eliminate the 40
foot rear yard setback and the 20 foot interior side yard setback along the west side of the
property. The application is being made in conjunction with a request to rezone the property
from the Commercial Business (CB) District to the Light Industrial (LI) District for the specific
purpose of accommodating the expansion of the existing light industrial use. The expansion is
proposed to include additions that will extend from the existing building footprint. However,
because the building was constructed close to the north property line along the Union Pacific
Rail Road right-of-way, it does not meet the building setbacks for the existing Commercial
Business or the requested Light Industrial zoning. The building was constructed in 1965
approximately 1.5 feet from the rear property line. It was constructed prior to annexation into
the Town in 1981. In order to accommodate the expansion, the applicant is requesting variances
to allow encroachments of the additions into the rear and side yards.
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                    A variance to the building setback standards may be considered by the Board of Adjustment as
per Section 6.3 and 7.14 of the Palisade Land Development Code. Because there is no sitting
Board of Adjustment for the Town, the Board of Trustees is acting as the Board of Adjustment.

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