H.B.53. An Act to Amend the Delaware Code Relating to Selling or Possessing Fireworks; Exceptions.

Delaware House of Representatives
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                    This bill allows ground-based and hand-held sparklers and certain other nonexplosive, nonairborne novelty items regulated by the federal government to be sold and used in the State.  The bill does not legalize firecrackers, bottle rockets, aerials, or any other device that explodes or shoots into the air.  The use of those items that may be sold only to persons 18 years of age and older is limited to July 4th and December 31st of each year and sales are limited to the 30 days prior to the allowable use day.
 This bill allows paper caps used in toy guns contain 16 milligrams or less of pyrotechnic mixture.
 The sale of sparklers and most other items permitted under this bill is limited to persons 18 and older.  
 The penalty section of 16 Del. C. §6905 applies to this bill.
 At least forty-three states allow the sale and use of sparklers and other nonexplosive, nonairborne novelty items that are regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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  • Amendment HA 2 to HB 53 - Introduced and Placed With Bill

    Wed, Jan 17th 2018
  • Amendment HA 1 to HB 53 - Introduced and Placed With Bill

    Wed, Jan 17th 2018
  • Reported Out of Committee (Public Safety & Homeland Security) in House with 1 Favorable, 5 On Its Merits

    Wed, Jan 17th 2018
  • Introduced and Assigned to Public Safety & Homeland Security Committee in House

    Wed, Jan 25th 2017