O-17. Zoning Certain Property Located at 3691 G Road from HR to LDR.

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Jul 11th 2017
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                    An Ordinance of the Town of Palisade, Colorado, Amending the Zone District Map of the Town by Zoning Certain Property Located at 3691 G Road (Parcel #2941-041-00-079) from HR Hospitality Retail to LDR Low Density Residential.

An application has been submitted to develop seven residential lots on approximately 2.08 acres of land immediately east of the Palisade High School on the south side of Highway 6 (G Road). A single family residence is located on the parcel and will be incorporated into one of the residential lots. If approved, as requested, six additional residences will be constructed in the proposed subdivision on six individual lots.
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                    Even though the residence was originally constructed in 1962, the site was not annexed into the Town of Palisade until January of 2008. The HR Hospitality Retail District was established as a new zoning district that same year and was designated for this property and properties to the north and east.

The applicant desires to down-zone the property to the Low Density Residential zoning and to develop the land for single family residences similar to residential development immediately to the south (Anderson Subdivision and Palisade Vineyards) Upon zoning and preliminary plat approval, the applicant will submit a final plat and the necessary development improvement agreements for review and approval consistent with the preliminary plat approval. Future public hearings will be scheduled with the Board of Trustees, prior to final decisions. 

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