R-37. Granting Approval of the PBR Subdivision Final Plat.

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Aug 22nd 2017
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                    An application has been submitted to grant the final plat approval for the PBR Subdivision. The final plat is being submitted as the second of two steps in the approval process for administrative plats. A public hearing was held with the Community Development Director on August 9, 2017, at which time, no persons attended the hearing other than Town staff and Keith Ehlers, the owner and applicant. Administrative plats are required for any minor division of three or fewer lots without right of way dedication, and may also include adjustments to lot lines. This subdivision has the effect of modifying the boundary between two existing parcels that were created prior to annexation as the PBR Property Line Adjustment (Deposit 5330-16). Deeds were recorded in December of 2016 to reflect the modified boundaries.
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                    The current application will not create any new parcels, but simply adjust the ownership boundaries between two parcels. Parcel 1 of the PBR Boundary Line adjustment will be changed to Lot 1 of the PBR Subdivision, and Parcels 2 and 3 will change to Lots 2 and 3, however with modified boundaries. The area of Lot 2 will be increased from 11.329 acres of land to an area of 11.803 acres, or increased in area by approximately 20,648 square feet. The area of Lot 3 will be reduced by the same size from 4.695 acres to 4.221 acres. The applicant proposes to transfer Lot 3 to a new owner upon recording of the PBR Subdivision.

All of the land was zoned AFT Agriculture Forestry Transitional when it was annexed into the Town in the early part of the year. No changes to zoning will result from the action to approve the PBR Subdivision.

The subdivision includes a portion of the land that was approved as the Palisade Basecamp Resort campground. The Board granted Conditional Use Permit approval at its regular meeting of January 10, 2017 for an area of approximately 13.607 acres. The adjustment will result in the increase of the area of Lot 2 by less than 21,000 square feet. However no other changes would result and the effect of the change will not have the consequence of expanding the approved uses in the CUP. As stated in the application, the adjustment to the boundary line will, however, result in the addition of an existing maintenance building and a covered storage structure (greenhouse) within Lot 2 that will be utilized for the benefit of the campgrounds.

Because the subdivision will result in the placement of a lot lines adjacent to existing structures, the applicant is requesting the Board grant permanent legal status for the buildings by approving variances to the required building setbacks. Specifically, an existing accessory structure and greenhouse structure would be located along the newly established lot line created with this plat (.5 feet north). Without variances, the buildings would be considered non-conforming structures.

Under Article 8 of the Land Development Code, structures that are damaged by more than 50 percent of the replacement costs, cannot be rebuilt without conforming to the Land Development Code. If variances are granted, the structures could be re-built at the present locations.

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