R-39. Accepting the Installation of Public Art in Select Locations within the Public Rights of Way

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Aug 22nd 2017
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                    The reconstruction of Main Street presented a unique opportunity to encourage an “Art on the Corner” type program in Palisade. The availability of grant funding to build pedestals to display public art while at the same time providing electricity for outdoor events and festivals gave the Town the ability to install artwork in a prominent, yet protected way. Through the formation of Palisade Art Vision (PAV), a sculpture was obtained for each of the four pedestals. The intent of the program is to change out the art every year and in 2018, PAV has done just that and more.
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                    There are two additional pieces that are to be installed in two new locations and since they are in the public right of way, it is appropriate that the Board give permission for the installation. Two potential future sites are included as well, one of which may have a piece installed very soon on loan from a local hospital. I have reviewed the sites and ensured the locations have taken into account impacts to parking and pedestrians.

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