Discussion: Should the Board approve a building setback variance for 130 Aspinall Drive?

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Sep 26th 2017
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                    The owner of the residence at 130 Aspinall Drive is proposing to remove an existing detached
garage on the west side of the property and construct a new attached garage and second floor
living area on that same side of the property. The residence was constructed on the site in 1955
according to the Mesa County Assessor’s records. Originally, the house consisted of a total of
area of 936 square feet. A porch along the east side of the residence was enclosed resulting in a
total living area of 1,052 square feet. The addition will expand the existing foot print of the home 
by adding approximately 608 square feet of 2 nd floor living area and 836 square feet of garage. 
A covered porch is also proposed at the rear of the house adjacent to the new construction. The 
height of the porch will match 1 st floor elevation. The existing 324 square foot detached garage 
will be removed from the site.
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                    In order to accomplish the additions, the applicant is requesting variances to encroach into the 10
foot side yard on the west side of the property by 5 feet, and to encroach into the 20 foot rear
yard by 12 feet. The applicant is also requesting that the garage be recessed 4 feet from the front
of the building rather than the 5 feet currently required by the Section 3.3.1H. A covered porch
is also proposed along the front of the building. Although the front porch will not encroach into
the front yard by more than what is allowed (8 feet), it will be less than the 40% of the building
width as required by Section 3.3.3 C of the Land Development Code. The porch will extend 14
feet along the front of the building, or 3.6 feet less than is required by the code. (44’ width of
house X .40 = 17.6 feet)

The existing home currently extends into the 10 foot side yard by approximately 5 feet on the
east side, while the existing garage currently meets the five foot side yard setback for accessory
buildings but encroaches into the 20 foot rear yard by more than 12 feet.
A variance to the building setback standards may be considered by the Board of Adjustment as
per Section 6.3 and 7.14 of the Palisade Land Development Code. Because there is no sitting
Board of Adjustment for the Town, the Board of Trustees is acting as the Board of Adjustment. 

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