R.44. Renew an Agreement with Gray Gourmet Senior Nutrition Program to Provide Weekly Meals

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Oct 10th 2017
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                    The current contract with Gray Gourmet expires December 31, 2017. Gray Gourmet and staff
would like to renew the agreement to continue the program for another 2 years. As before, this
agreement will:
- Provide the designated premise for the purpose of operating Gray Gourmet during the
hours of 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.
- Inform Gray Gourmet when the facility is not available on certain days due to
circumstances such as repairs and maintenance, construction, conflicts in scheduling with
Palisade Community Center functions.
- Maintain the facility in clean and safe condition, and in good repair, to meet standards for
the operation of a food service: utilities, pest control, trash collection, adequate bathroom
facilities, normal weekly janitorial service, and snow removal on sidewalks and in
immediate parking areas.
- Maintain kitchen equipment in good working order and allow the use of this equipment.
Use of Palisade Community Center dishware, coffee pots, utensils, etc. may be allowed if
agreed upon in advance. Adequate storage space for Gray Gourmet supplies will be
- Maintain a seating area for diners, with tables and chairs set up in advance on Gray
Gourmet’s scheduled service days.
- Allow a designated parking area for the delivery of meals to the site.
- Allow for posting of a banner or other indoor/outdoor signage, identifying the premises
as a Gray Gourmet dining site sponsored by St. Mary’s Hospital. Also allow a designated
area for posting notices and/or information the program is required to display (i.e. food
service license, health inspection reports, hand washing sign, etc.). When feasible, help
promote Gray Gourmet’s volunteer recruitment activities and/or special events such as
health screenings, entertainment and educational presentations.
Recommended Action: A motion and a second to approving Resolution 2017-44 to allow the
Town Administrator to renew an agreement with Gray Gourmet to provide weekly meals to
seniors at the Community Center at no charge for the facility.

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