S.B.574. Tree and Timber Trimming, Removal, and Harvesting

Florida Senate
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                    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

       Section 1. Section 589.37, Florida Statutes, is created to read:

       589.37 Regulation of tree and timber trimming, removal, or harvesting preempted.

       (1) The regulation of the trimming, removal, or harvesting of trees and timber on private property is preempted to the state.

       (2) A municipality, county, or other political subdivision of the state may not:

       (a) Prohibit or restrict a private landowner from trimming, removing, or harvesting trees or timber located on the landowner’s private property.
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                           (b) Require mitigation, including, but not limited to, the planting of trees or the payment of a fee, for the removal or harvesting of trees or timber from private property.

       (c) Prohibit the burial of trees, shrubs, palmettos, or other vegetative debris on properties larger than 2.5 acres.

       Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2018.

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  • On Committee agenda-- Community Affairs, 02/06/18, 11:00 am, 301 Senate Office Building

    Thu, Feb 1st 2018
  • Introduced

    Tue, Jan 9th 2018
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    Thu, Nov 2nd 2017
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    Fri, Oct 20th 2017