B.1250. A bill for an ordinance establishing a new fund in the Public Health Special Revenue Fund for the "Public Health and Wellness Fund". Establishes the Public Health and Wellness Special Revenue Fund to hold state public health dollars and general fund transfers for public health-related programs including opioid treatment programs. The Committee approved filing this bill by consent on 11-7-17.

Denver City Council
Date of Vote: Mon, Nov 27th 2017
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                    Establish a new health special revenue fund, the “Public Health and Wellness” fund, Accounting No. 14806-6501000 .

This fund will receive a $500,000 transfer from the General Fund for 2018.

Funding comes from general fund transfers and state public health contributions. Expenditures are for general public health programs including opioid treatment programs.

This will be an appropriated, non-lapsing fund. This is a companion ordinance to the 2018 Long Bill.

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  • Council President signed

    Tue, Nov 28th 2017
  • City Council placed upon final consideration and do pass

    Mon, Nov 27th 2017
  • City Council

    Mon, Nov 20th 2017
  • Finance & Governance Committee approved by consent

    Tue, Nov 7th 2017