A.B.712. Enforcement of federal and state laws relating to the management of the wolf population and to the killing of wolves and expenditure of funds for wolf management purposes. (FE)

Wisconsin Assembly
Last action 2 years ago
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                    This bill makes changes to the laws regulating wolf hunting and the laws  authorizing funding for wolf management activities.

Under current law, the Department of Natural Resources is required to allow  the hunting and trapping of wolves if the wolf is not listed on the U.S. list of  endangered and threatened species and is not listed on the state endangered list.

This bill prohibits a law enforcement officer from enforcing a federal or state  law that relates to the management of the wolf population in this state or that  prohibits the killing of wolf in this state. The bill prohibits DNR from expending any  funds for the purpose of managing the wolf population in this state other than for the  purpose of making payments under the endangered resources program to persons  who apply for reimbursement for certain damage caused by wolves or protecting  private property, including domestic cattle, from wolf depredation. The bill also  prohibits DNR from taking any action to inform or support federal law enforcement  officers regarding the enforcement of any federal or state law relating to wolves. The  bill specifies that these prohibitions apply only if wolves are listed on the U.S. list of  endangered and threatened species. Under the bill, if wolves are removed from that  list, the prohibitions in the bill will no longer apply.
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  • Executive action taken

    Wed, Jan 17th 2018
  • Assembly Amendment 1 offered by Representative Spreitzer

    Tue, Jan 16th 2018
  • Public hearing held

    Wed, Jan 10th 2018
  • Introduced by Representatives Jarchow, Felzkowski, Quinn, Kremer, E. Brooks, Skowronski, Krug, Kleefisch, Swearingen, Stafsholt, Kulp, Brandtjen, Tauchen, Ripp, Edming, Vorpagel, Rohrkaste, Horlacher and Mursau; cosponsored by Senators Tiffany, Vukmir and Craig

    Tue, Dec 5th 2017
  • Read first time and referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage

    Tue, Dec 5th 2017