L.D.1726. An Act To Amend The Laws Governing Elections

Maine House of Representatives
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                    This bill makes the following changes to the election laws.

1. It reduces the retention period for the receipt for certified copies of the incoming voting list from one year to 6 months.

2. It adds a retention period of 6 months for test ballots and documentation of testing.

3. It adds a deadline for an aggrieved person to appeal a decision of the registrar of voters regarding the person's voter registration.

4. It removes an obsolete requirement regarding the nomination of county commissioners that primary and nomination petitions must specify the term of office.
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                    5. It clarifies that county committee members residing within county commissioner districts make choices for county commissioner nominations for vacancies.

6. It provides that when 2 United States Senators are to be elected, the term of office sought by each candidate must be specified on the ballot.

7. It specifies acceptable formats for names of candidates for nomination to appear on a ballot.

8. It repeals the provision of law allowing for collection of signatures in the voting place.

9. It replaces the current restrictions on political activities occurring within 250 feet of the voting place on election day with new restrictions on both election-related and nonelection-related political and other activities within a designated zone that includes the building where the registrar's office is located when it is open, the voting place, public property within 50 feet of each entrance to the voting place and a 50-foot-wide pathway from the parking or drop-off areas to the entrances to the voting place. Candidates for any office that is on the ballot for the election that day may attend the voting place and orally communicate with voters only if they do so outside the designated zone. Exit polling, the collection of signatures for a candidate or a direct initiative of legislation or referendum and the conduct of charitable or other nonelection-related activities may occur only outside the designated zone. It also applies these restrictions to the municipal clerk's office during the time when absentee voting may be occurring.

10. It adds a new method for returning a voted absentee ballot to the municipal clerk.

11. It changes the manner by which the municipal clerk must give notice of the municipality's intent to process absentee ballots prior to election day.

12. It removes a provision regarding allowing another person to sign for the voter a direct initiative of legislation or a people's veto referendum petition.

13. It removes an incorrect reference to a notary public or other person authorized by law to administer oaths being able to certify petitions.

14. It decreases the public comment period regarding proposed ballot questions for direct initiatives from 30 days to 21 days.

15. It removes an incorrect reference to a census block in Augusta that was included in State Representative District 80 that already was correctly included in State Representative District 85.

16. It repeals a redundant section of the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 30-A that addresses the nomination petitions for county commissioners.

17. It clarifies that the municipal treasurer's statement that must accompany a question for ratification of a municipal bond issue either may be printed on the ballot or may be printed as a separate document that is made available to voters.

18. It corrects cross-references to repealed provisions of law.

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  • Sent down for concurrence

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • Under suspension of the Rules, READ A SECOND TIME and PASSED TO BE ENGROSSED AS AMENDED by Committee Amendment "B" (H-684) In NON-CONCURRENCE

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • Committee Amendment "B" (H-684) READ and ADOPTED

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • Roll Call Ordered Roll Call Number 564 Yeas 18 - Nays 17 - Excused 0 - Absent 0

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • Reports Read

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • On motion by Senator MASON of Androscoggin the Minority Ought to Pass as Amended Report ACCEPTED. In NON-CONCURRENCE

    Thu, Mar 29th 2018
  • The Bill was READ ONCE.

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • Committee Amendment "A" (H-683) was READ and ADOPTED.

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • Under suspension of the rules, the Bill was given its SECOND READING without REFERENCE to the Committee on Bills in the Second Reading.

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • The Bill was PASSED TO BE ENGROSSED as Amended by Committee Amendment "A" (H-683).

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • Speaker laid before the House

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • On motion of Representative LUCHINI of Ellsworth, the Majority Ought to Pass as Amended Report was ACCEPTED.

    Wed, Mar 28th 2018
  • Later today assigned.

    Tue, Mar 27th 2018
  • On motion of Representative LUCHINI of Ellsworth, TABLED pending ACCEPTANCE of Either Report.

    Tue, Mar 27th 2018
  • Reports READ.

    Tue, Mar 27th 2018
  • The Bill was REFERRED to the Committee on VETERANS AND LEGAL AFFAIRS pursuant to Joint Rule 308.2 and ordered printed pursuant to Joint Rule 401.

    Fri, Dec 22nd 2017
  • Received by the Clerk of the House on December 19, 2017.

    Fri, Dec 22nd 2017