H.B.1157. A BILL FOR AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning health.

Indiana House of Representatives
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                    End of life options. Allows individuals with a terminal illness who meet certain requirements to make a written request to an attending physician for medication that the individual may self-administer to end the individual's life. Specifies requirements a physician must meet in order to prescribe the medication to a patient. Prohibits an insurer of a life insurance policy from denying payment of benefits under a life insurance policy based upon a suicide clause in the life insurance policy if the death of the insured individual is the result of medical aid in dying. Establishes a Level 1 felony if a person: (1) without authorization of the patient, willfully alters, forges, conceals, or destroys a request for medication or a rescission of a request for medication with the intent or effect of causing the individual's death; or (2) knowingly or intentionally coerces or exerts undue influence on an individual to request medication to end the individual's life or to destroy a rescission of a request for medication to end the individual's life.

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  • Authored by Representative Pierce

    Mon, Jan 8th 2018
  • First reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code

    Mon, Jan 8th 2018