S.B.487. Relating to WV Medical Cannabis Act

West Virginia Senate
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                    A BILL to repeal §16A-4-1 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended; removing the requirement for practitioners to be registered; allowing data gathering to indicate where a specific form of medical cannabis was not recommended; removing the four-hour training course for physicians; increasing the two-hour training course for principals and employees to eight hours and adding requirements for the training; removing the Freedom of Information Act exemption for practitioner credentials; authorizing the medical cannabis sales in edible and plant-based form; removing the prohibition on smoking medical cannabis; authorizing licensed patients and caregivers to grow medical cannabis under certain restrictions; repealing the section requiring registration of physicians eligible to issue certifications to patients to use medical cannabis; adjusting certification requirements to reflect the removal of the practitioner registry; removing the requirement that other treatments be ineffective before recommending medical cannabis; clarifying the duration of a dosage that may be dispensed.
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                    Expanding on the requirement that applicants are required to be residents of this state; permitting transfer of permits under certain circumstances; removing the requirement for separate regions associated with medical cannabis dispensaries; repealing the section requiring notice be printed in the State Register; authorizing the commissioner to set a sliding initial fee schedule for growers based on acreage of the farm; setting a maximum fee for growers; allowing a grower or processor to pay its initial fee in two installments; adding additional prior convictions that result in a prohibition of being affiliated with a medical cannabis registrant; adjusting the current waiver process for persons previously convicted to prohibit certain persons from being eligible for a waiver in certain circumstances.

Removing the cap on the number of growers, processors, and dispensaries; removing the prohibition on a grower or processor being a dispensary; removing the requirement that a dispensary have a physician or pharmacist onsite at all times and clarifying other requirements; authorizing delivery by a dispensary to a caregiver’s residence during certain times but prohibiting delivery to a commercial business and certain temporary housing locations; clarifying that Tax Division of Department of Revenue, along with Bureau for Public Health within the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, will monitor price of medical cannabis; clarifying that Tax Division will administer, collect, and enforce medical cannabis tax; clarifying imposition of tax; detailing imposition of tax with respect to growers or processors that sell to a dispensary in which they have an economic interest; removing the exemption on medical cannabis from the sales tax.

Permitting exchange of information; providing that information exchanged is not subject to disclosure under Freedom of Information Act; requiring payment of tax by electronic funds transfer; requiring electronic filing of tax returns; authorizing legislative, interpretive, and procedural rules, as necessary to implement tax provisions; making tax subject to provisions of West Virginia Tax Crimes and Penalties Act; making tax subject to provisions of the West Virginia Tax Procedure and Administration Act; adding a doctor of osteopathic medicine to the advisory board; removing the ability of the bureau to sanction the registration of a practitioner due to the removal of the requirement to register; and removing the ability of the bureau to order restitution against a registrant.

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    Mon, Feb 5th 2018
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    Mon, Feb 5th 2018
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    Mon, Feb 5th 2018
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    Mon, Feb 5th 2018