O-1. An Ordinance of the Town of Palisade, Colorado, Amending the Zone District Map of the Town by Zoning Certain Property known as 3701 ½ G Road (Parcel #2941-032-00-157) from AFT Agriculture Forestry Transitional to MDR Medium Density Residential.

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Feb 13th 2018
Polls (closed):
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                    An application has been submitted to rezone approximately 7.2 acres from AFT Agriculture Forestry Transitional to MDR Medium Density Residential. The application is submitted in anticipation of a future residential subdivision that will extend from the Palisade Vineyards Subdivision on the west side to the Montclair Subdivision on the east side. Medium Density Residential zoning was granted in December of 2017 for approximately 5.98 acres of land immediately west of the Montclair Subdivision. Since that zoning was granted, Chronos, LLC has acquired approximately 22 acres of land west of the Montclair Subdivision, 7.2 acres, of which, is encompassed by this area of re-zoning. Approval of this current application would establish uniform zoning for all of the 22 acres for future residential development.
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                    SITE HISTORY:

An existing residence was originally constructed on the site in 1994, the same year of annexation. The property has been zoned Agriculture Forestry Transitional (AFT) since the annexation. The residence includes an area of approximately 2,188 square feet. According to the Mesa County Assessor’s records, the home is located on land that is used as irrigated agricultural acreage and orchard land.

Although the land has never been subdivided, a property line adjustment was approved in 1997 by the Town of Palisade establishing 3.06 acres of land for the existing winery at 3701 G Road (Meadery of the Rockies) to the north and approximately 7.2 acres for this property (Reception 1792273). The winery, which was constructed in 1994, is zoned Hospitality Retail (HR).  Access to the residence is by means of a driveway that extends from Shiraz Drive. A section of the 50 foot wide road was actually dedicated to the Town at the time of annexation of the land to the west in 1993. The Anderson Subdivision, recorded in 1995, established two lots at the south end of the 50 foot roadway on the west side. A residence was constructed that same year on one of the lots. The road was identified as Anderson Road until the Palisade Vineyards Subdivision was recorded in 2006, at which time; the road was extended southward to Rodeo Road to the south and renamed Shiraz Drive. 

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