Conditional Use Permit request for the Grand Valley Bank in the High Density Residential (HDR) District at 724 37 3/10 Road

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Feb 13th 2018
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                    A request has been submitted for the demolition of an existing residence at 724 37 3/10 Road (Elberta Avenue) for the construction of a new bank building. The property was purchased in 2016 by the Grand Valley Bank in anticipation of the site serving as a new branch bank building. The site is located immediately north of the Union Pacific Railroad at a midblock location along Elberta Avenue.

According to the Mesa County Assessor’s records, the residence of approximately 1,464 square feet on the property was originally constructed in 1909. Once the building is demolished, a new bank building of approximately 2,800 square feet will be constructed on the site. The High Density Residential (HDR) zoning for the property permits residential uses at a density of up to eleven units per acre. The zoning also permits general office uses, including bank buildings, as conditional uses. A bank use may occur on the site subject to meeting conditions intended to ensure that the development is appropriate on the site and that any adverse impacts that might otherwise occur are mitigated.
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                    The application is submitted for consideration as a conditional use and for the administrative site plan review. If a conditional use permit (CUP) approval is granted, the site will develop consistent with any conditions granted by the Board of Trustees and based on the plan that has been submitted for staff review. The review comments and responses are included with this report.

If approvals are granted the one acre site will be developed as a 2,800 square foot branch bank with a drive-through window and automatic teller machine (ATM). The building will be located at a central internal location surrounded by parking areas along the front of the building and vehicle maneuvering areas on all other sides. The periphery of the site will be improved with formal landscaped areas. In total, twelve parking spaces will be provided. A commercial trash enclosure and storage building is proposed along the edge of the paved surface to the rear of the building. An area of approximately 165 square feet at the rear of the building is also identified as a concrete surface for a future “picnic area.” The building will be constructed as a single story building, with a central atrium extending to a two-story height with clerestory windows at the higher levels along the north and south elevations. The building will include a series of gabled metal paneled roofs that extend to the highest point at the center of the building. The exterior will be constructed with stone veneer along the bottom edges and stucco finishes for the remainder.

Finally, the applicant is also requesting that during the construction phase, banking operations be able to be conducted in a temporary building of approximately 480 square feet. The temporary building would be placed along Elberta Avenue frontage with a temporary access just north of the railroad tracks. When construction is completed, the building will be removed and the temporary parking surface of four parking spaces will be replaced with formal landscaping. The temporary access will also be replaced by the permanent access farther to the north. 

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