S.Amdt.1959. SECURE and SUCCEED Act

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                    This Act may be cited as the ``SECURE and SUCCEED Act''.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (see full amendment text in source).


Sec. 1001. Short title.

                      Subtitle A--Border Security

Sec. 1101. Definitions.

                Chapter 1--Infrastructure and Equipment

Sec. 1111. Strengthening the requirements for barriers along the                southern border.

Sec. 1112. Air and Marine Operations flight hours.

Sec. 1113. Capability deployment to specific sectors and transit zone.
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                    Sec. 1114. U.S. Border Patrol activities.

Sec. 1115. National Guard support to secure the southern border.

Sec. 1116. Operation Phalanx.

Sec. 1117. Merida Initiative.

Sec. 1118. Prohibitions on actions that impede border security on                certain Federal land.

Sec. 1119. Landowner and rancher security enhancement.

Sec. 1120. Limitation on land owner's liability.

Sec. 1121. Eradication of carrizo cane and salt cedar.

Sec. 1122. Prevention, detection, control, and eradication of diseases                and pests.

Sec. 1123. Transnational criminal organization illicit spotter                prevention and detection.

Sec. 1124. Southern border threat analysis.

Sec. 1125. Amendments to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Sec. 1126. Agent and officer technology use.

Sec. 1127. Integrated Border Enforcement Teams.

Sec. 1128. Land use or acquisition.

Sec. 1129. Tunnel Task Forces.

Sec. 1130. Pilot program on use of electromagnetic spectrum in support                of border security operations.

Sec. 1131. Foreign migration assistance.

                          Chapter 2--Personnel

Sec. 1141. Additional U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and                officers.

Sec. 1142. Fair labor standards for border patrol agents.

Sec. 1143. U.S. Customs and Border Protection retention incentives.

Sec. 1144. Rate of pay for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement                officers and agents.

Sec. 1145. Anti-Border Corruption Reauthorization Act.

Sec. 1146. Training for officers and agents of U.S. Customs and Border                Protection.

Sec. 1147. Additional U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement                personnel.

Sec. 1148. Other immigration and law enforcement personnel.

Sec. 1149. Judicial resources for border security.

Sec. 1150. Reimbursement to State and local prosecutors for federally                initiated, immigration-related criminal cases.

                           Chapter 3--Grants

Sec. 1151. State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.

Sec. 1152. Southern border security assistance grants.

Sec. 1153. Operation Stonegarden.

Sec. 1154. Grants for identification of victims of cross-border human                smuggling.

Sec. 1155. Grant accountability.

   Subtitle B--Emergency Port of Entry Personnel and Infrastructure                                  Funding

Sec. 1201. Definitions.

Sec. 1202. Ports of entry infrastructure.

Sec. 1203. Secure communications.

Sec. 1204. Border security deployment program.

Sec. 1205. Pilot and upgrade of license plate readers at ports of                entry.

Sec. 1206. Biometric technology.

Sec. 1207. Nonintrusive inspection operational demonstration project.

Sec. 1208. Biometric exit data system.

Sec. 1209. Sense of Congress on cooperation between agencies.

              Subtitle C--Border Security Enforcement Fund

Sec. 1301. Border Security Enforcement Fund.

Subtitle D--Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues                                    Act

Sec. 1401. Short titles.

Sec. 1402. Establishment of Schedule A.

Sec. 1403. Temporary and permanent scheduling of schedule A substances.

Sec. 1404. Penalties.

Sec. 1405. False labeling of schedule A controlled substances.

Sec. 1406. Registration requirements for handlers of schedule A                substances.

Sec. 1407. Additional conforming amendments.

Sec. 1408. Clarification of the definition of controlled substance                analogue under the Analogue Enforcement Act.

Sec. 1409. Rules of construction.

                     Subtitle E--Domestic Security

                       Chapter 1--General Matters

Sec. 1501. Keep Our Communities Safe Act.

Sec. 1502. Deterring visa overstays.

Sec. 1503. Increase in immigration detention capacity.

Sec. 1504. Collection of DNA from criminal and detained aliens.

Sec. 1505. Collection, use, and storage of biometric data.

Sec. 1506. Pilot program for electronic field processing.

Sec. 1507. Ending abuse of parole authority.

Sec. 1508. Reports to Congress on parole.

Sec. 1509. Reinstatement of the Secure Communities Program.

Sec. 1510. Ensuring that local and Federal law enforcement officers may                cooperate to safeguard our communities.

 Chapter 2--Protection and Due Process for Unaccompanied Alien Children

Sec. 1520. Short title.

Sec. 1521. Repatriation of unaccompanied alien children.

Sec. 1522. Child welfare and law enforcement information sharing.

Sec. 1523. Accountability for children and taxpayers.

Sec. 1524. Custody of unaccompanied alien children in formal removal                proceeding.

Sec. 1525. Fraud in connection with the transfer of custody of                unaccompanied alien children.

Sec. 1526. Notification of States and foreign governments, reporting,                and monitoring.

Sec. 1527. Reports to Congress.

 Chapter 3--Cooperation With Mexico and Other Countries on Asylum and                               Refugee Issues

Sec. 1541. Strengthening internal asylum systems in Mexico and other                countries.

Sec. 1542. Expanding refugee processing in Mexico and Central America                for third country resettlement.

     Subtitle F--Penalties for Smuggling, Drug Trafficking, Human      Trafficking, Terrorism, and Illegal Entry and Reentry; Bars to                       Readmission of Removed Aliens

Sec. 1601. Dangerous human smuggling, human trafficking, and human                rights violations.

Sec. 1602. Putting the Brakes on Human Smuggling Act.

Sec. 1603. Drug trafficking and crimes of violence committed by illegal                aliens.

Sec. 1604. Establishing inadmissibility and deportability.

Sec. 1605. Penalties for illegal entry; enhanced penalties for entering                with intent to aid, abet, or commit terrorism.

Sec. 1606. Penalties for reentry of removed aliens.

Sec. 1607. Laundering of monetary instruments.

Sec. 1608. Freezing bank accounts of international criminal                organizations and money launderers.

Sec. 1609. Criminal proceeds laundered through prepaid access devices,                digital currencies, or other similar instruments.

Sec. 1610. Closing the loophole on drug cartel associates engaged in                money laundering.

       Subtitle G--Protecting National Security and Public Safety

                       Chapter 1--General Matters

Sec. 1701. Definitions of terrorist activity, engage in terrorist                activity, and terrorist organization.

Sec. 1702. Terrorist and security-related grounds of inadmissibility.

Sec. 1703. Expedited removal for aliens inadmissible on criminal or                security grounds.

Sec. 1704. Detention of removable aliens.

Sec. 1705. GAO study on deaths in custody.

Sec. 1706. GAO study on migrant deaths.

Sec. 1707. Statute of limitations for visa, naturalization, and other                fraud offenses involving war crimes, crimes against                humanity, or human rights violations.

Sec. 1708. Criminal detention of aliens to protect public safety.

Sec. 1709. Recruitment of persons to participate in terrorism.

Sec. 1710. Barring and removing persecutors, war criminals, and                participants in crimes against humanity from the United                States.

Sec. 1711. Child soldier recruitment ineligibility technical                correction.

Sec. 1712. Gang membership, removal, and increased criminal penalties                related to gang violence.

Sec. 1713. Barring aggravated felons, border checkpoint runners, and                sex offenders from admission to the United States.

Sec. 1714. Protecting immigrants from convicted sex offenders.

Sec. 1715. Enhanced criminal penalties for high speed flight.

Sec. 1716. Prohibition on asylum and cancellation of removal for                terrorists.

Sec. 1717. Aggravated felonies.

Sec. 1718. Failure to obey removal orders.

[[Page S982]]

Sec. 1719. Sanctions for countries that delay or prevent repatriation                of their nationals.

Sec. 1720. Enhanced penalties for construction and use of border                tunnels.

Sec. 1721. Enhanced penalties for fraud and misuse of visas, permits,                and other documents.

Sec. 1722. Expansion of criminal alien repatriation programs.

Sec. 1723. Prohibition on flight training and nuclear studies for                nationals of high-risk countries.

          Chapter 2--Strong Visa Integrity Secures America Act

Sec. 1731. Short title.

Sec. 1732. Visa security.

Sec. 1733. Electronic passport screening and biometric matching.

Sec. 1734. Reporting visa overstays.

Sec. 1735. Student and exchange visitor information system                verification.

Sec. 1736. Social media review of visa applicants.

              Chapter 3--Visa Cancellation and Revocation

Sec. 1741. Cancellation of additional visas.

Sec. 1742. Visa information sharing.

Sec. 1743. Visa interviews.

Sec. 1744. Visa revocation and limits on judicial review.

                      Chapter 4--Secure Visas Act

Sec. 1751. Short title.

Sec. 1752. Authority of the Secretary of Homeland Security and the                Secretary of State.

       Chapter 5--Visa Fraud and Security Improvement Act of 2018

Sec. 1761. Short title.

Sec. 1762. Expanded usage of fraud prevention and detection fees.

Sec. 1763. Inadmissibility of spouses and sons and daughters of                traffickers.

Sec. 1764. DNA testing and criminal history.

Sec. 1765. Access to NCIC criminal history database for diplomatic                visas.

Sec. 1766. Elimination of signed photograph requirement for visa                applications.

                        Chapter 6--Other Matters

Sec. 1771. Requirement for completion of background checks.

Sec. 1772. Withholding of adjudication.

Sec. 1773. Access to the National Crime Information Center Interstate                Identification Index.

Sec. 1774. Appropriate remedies for immigration litigation.

Sec. 1775. Use of 1986 IRCA legalization information for national                security purposes.

Sec. 1776. Uniform statute of limitations for certain immigration,                naturalization, and peonage offenses.

Sec. 1777. Conforming amendment to the definition of racketeering                activity.

Sec. 1778. Validity of electronic signatures.

 Subtitle H--Prohibition on Terrorists Obtaining Lawful Status in the                               United States

   Chapter 1--Prohibition on Adjustment to Lawful Permanent Resident                                   Status

Sec. 1801. Lawful permanent residents as applicants for admission.

Sec. 1802. Date of admission for purposes of adjustment of status.

Sec. 1803. Precluding asylee and refugee adjustment of status for                certain grounds of inadmissibility and deportability.

Sec. 1804. Revocation of lawful permanent resident status for human                rights violators.

Sec. 1805. Removal of condition on lawful permanent resident status                prior to naturalization.

Sec. 1806. Prohibition on terrorists and aliens who pose a threat to                national security or public safety from receiving an                adjustment of status.

Sec. 1807. Treatment of applications for adjustment of status during                pending denaturalization proceedings.

Sec. 1808. Extension of time limit to permit rescission of permanent                resident status.

Sec. 1809. Barring persecutors and terrorists from registry.

 Chapter 2--Prohibition on Naturalization and United States Citizenship

Sec. 1821. Barring terrorists from becoming naturalized United States                citizens.

Sec. 1822. Terrorist bar to good moral character.

Sec. 1823. Prohibition on judicial review of naturalization                applications for aliens in removal proceedings.

Sec. 1824. Limitation on judicial review when agency has not made                decision on naturalization application and on denials.

Sec. 1825. Clarification of denaturalization authority.

Sec. 1826. Denaturalization of terrorists.

Sec. 1827. Treatment of pending applications during denaturalization                proceedings.

Sec. 1828. Naturalization document retention.

Chapter 3--Forfeiture of Proceeds From Passport and Visa Offenses, and                            Passport Revocation.

Sec. 1831. Forfeiture of proceeds from passport and visa offenses.

Sec. 1832. Passport Revocation Act.


Sec. 2001. Permanent reauthorization.

Sec. 2002. Preemption; liability.

Sec. 2003. Information sharing.

Sec. 2004. Small Business Demonstration Program.

Sec. 2005. Fraud prevention.

Sec. 2006. Identity authentication employment eligibility verification                pilot programs.

                         TITLE III--SUCCEED ACT

Sec. 3001. Short titles.

Sec. 3002. Definitions.

Sec. 3003. Cancellation of removal of certain long-term residents who                entered the United States as children.

Sec. 3004. Conditional temporary resident status.

Sec. 3005. Removal of conditional basis for temporary residence.

Sec. 3006. Benefits for relatives of aliens granted conditional                temporary resident status.

Sec. 3007. Exclusive jurisdiction.

Sec. 3008. Confidentiality of information.

Sec. 3009. Restriction on welfare benefits for conditional temporary                residents.

Sec. 3010. GAO report.

Sec. 3011. Military enlistment.

Sec. 3012. Eligibility for naturalization.

Sec. 3013. Funding.


Sec. 4001. Short title.

Sec. 4002. Family-Sponsored immigration priorities.

Sec. 4003. Elimination of Diversity Visa Program.

                         TITLE V--OTHER MATTERS

Sec. 5001. Other Immigration and Nationality Act amendments.

Sec. 5002. Exemption from the Administrative Procedure Act.

Sec. 5003. Exemption from the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Sec. 5004. Exemption from government contracting and hiring rules.

Sec. 5005. Ability to fill and retain Department of Homeland Security                positions in United States territories.

Sec. 5006. Severability.

Sec. 5007. Funding.


Sec. 6001. References to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Sec. 6002. Technical amendments to title I of the Immigration and                Nationality Act.

Sec. 6003. Technical amendments to title II of the Immigration and                Nationality Act.

Sec. 6004. Technical amendments to title III of the Immigration and                Nationality Act.

Sec. 6005. Technical amendment to title IV of the Immigration and                Nationality Act.

Sec. 6006. Technical amendments to title V of the Immigration and                Nationality Act.

Sec. 6007. Other amendments.

Sec. 6008. Repeals; rule of construction.

Sec. 6009. Miscellaneous technical correction.

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    Wed, Feb 14th 2018
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