R.19. License Agreement with Curt Lincoln, Slice O’ Life Bakery, for Encroachment of a Parklet within the Third Street Right of Way at 105 West Third Street

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Mar 27th 2018
Polls (closed):
Yay (1)    Nay (1)


                    Consider Resolution 2018-19 authorizing the Mayor to sign license agreement with the owner of businesses at 105 W Third Street permitting the encroachment of a parklet in the road right of way for outdoor dining.


In the last year, the Town worked with the owners of the Palisade Café 11.0 and the 357 Bar and Grill to establish outdoor dining areas (parklets) in the downtown. Because the parklets have been successful in generating interest and patronage in the downtown area, the owner of the Slice O’ Life bakery has expressed a desire to enter into a similar agreement and add another outdoor parklet for that business.
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                    As is the case for the other parklets, the structure of approximately 9 feet by 25 feet would be placed in the parking area of the road surface extending out from the sidewalk. Although the Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction and placement of the structures, the participating businesses are responsible for providing the outdoor dining furniture and for the upkeep and day to day maintenance of the structures.

When the parklet is not in use during the colder season, it will be removed from the right -of-way and stored for future use. 

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