S.7506B. Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state education, labor, housing and family assistance budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year

New York Senate
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                    Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state education, labor, housing and family assistance budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; prohibits meal shaming in public school districts, charter schools and non-public schools; requires a school or school district to contact the parent or guardian to offer assistance with a meal application; further requires a clear explanation of the procedure to handle unpaid meal charges; makes related provisions (Part B).
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                    Relates to participation in recovery high school programs (Part D).

Relates to extending the close to home (CTH) initiative and juvenile justice reforms an additional five years and repeals provisions of law relating to CTH funding and reimbursement (Part G).

Relates to consolidating the youth development and delinquency prevention program and the special delinquency prevention program (Part I).

Relates to extending the effectiveness of the authorization of the board of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with the commissioner of children and family services to provide certain services (Part J).

Adds the office of children and family services to the list of entities to whom the dormitory authority of the state of New York (DASNY) is authorized to provide capital design and construction services (Part K); repeals certain provisions of law relating to calculating charge back rates by the state university of New York and the city university of New York (Part P).

Relates to providing feminine hygiene products in public schools (Part Q).

Relates to a working group to develop computer science standards for grades K through 12 (Part R).

Establishes that to the extent that physician appointees are available for appointment, at least one of the physician appointees to the state board for medicine shall be an expert on reducing health disparities among demographic subgroups, and one shall be an expert on women's health (Part S).

Relates to eligibility for and the amount of excelsior scholarships (Part T).

Requires regulations to permit tuition waivers for certain firefighters and fire officers for CUNY; repealer (Part U).

Relates to the foster youth college success initiative, permits moneys to be spent providing supplemental housing and meals for foster youth not currently enrolled in a post-secondary opportunity program at the state university for New York (Part V).

Relates to enhanced tuition awards (Part W).

Establishes the residential emergency services to offer home repairs to the elderly program; provides that all repairs must be completed within sixty business days of the start of repairs, provided, however, that the commissioner grant the eligible applicant additional time for good cause (Part X).

Provides financial assistance to eligible applicants for adapting or retrofitting eligible properties to improve disabled veteran access (Part Y).

Establishes the SUNY Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital Affiliation escrow fund (Part Z).

Establishes the New York state teacher loan forgiveness program to provide grants to teachers having education loans and who agree to teach in the state in a shortage subject area or a hard to staff school district (Part AA).

Relates to the New York state science, technology, engineering and mathematics incentive program (Part BB).

Relates to the education of children in foster care (Part CC); and relates to an income savings plan for the city of New York; extends provisions relating thereto (Part DD).

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