P.6B. Conditional use permit for a retail marijuana store in PD zoning at 1041 N. River Road.

Palisade Board of Trustees
Date of Vote: Tue, Apr 10th 2018
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At a public hearing held on April 2, 2018, the Planning Commission considered the application for conditional use approval from the Happy Cannabis Company to operate the retail marijuana store. After hearing from the applicant and the public on the application, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the CUP with staff conditions and with an added condition that “No sale or transfer of license shall occur for 12 consecutive months after commencement of operation.” At the hearing, the owner of the retail store on Peach Avenue requested this condition be added to reflect a similar stipulation that was established in 2017 for that store. At the April 2 hearing, the owners of the Happy Camper Cannabis Company agreed with the added stipulation.
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                    The Happy Camper Cannabis Company, is requesting conditional use permit approval to begin operations for a retail marijuana store in the PD zoning at 1041 N. River Road. An application to rezone the area of approximately .29 acres from the AFT Agricultural Forestry Transitional District to the PD Planned Development District was approved by the Board of Trustees at a public hearing held on March 13, 2018. The Control Document, adopted with the PD zoning, essentially preserved AFT uses and standards for the site, but added the retail marijuana store as a permitted use through conditional use permit approval. The site is located along the south frontage of North River Road on land that was annexed into the Town in 2017. The area approved for the PD zoning, and now requested for the conditional use permit, is a portion of a larger 4.2 acre lot (Lot 3 of the PBR Subdivision). If the CUP is approved, the area of .29 acres zoned as PD and the remainder of the lot zoned as AFT will be re-platted as separate lots to reflect the separate zoning boundaries and ultimately separate ownership. The Happy Camper Cannabis Company intends to purchase the land and building for the use as a retail marijuana store.


The site for the proposed development was originally platted in 1909 as part of the Riverside Fruit Tracts by Frank Hickman and John D. Reeder. A residence to the west was originally constructed in 1979. Between 1980 and 2008, over 100,000 square feet of multiple greenhouse structures and accessory buildings were constructed for the agricultural operations that supported a private agricultural greenhouse business. Building permits were issued on the site in 2008 for the installation of a 60’ x 80’ greenhouse (Permit 113620) and in 2010 for a gas line and unit heaters in an existing greenhouse (Permit 10-02747). The largest building on the site included a steel frame metal building of approximately 9,508 square feet constructed in 1980.

More recently, the land was transferred from Palisade Greenhouse, Inc. to the current owner in August of 2016. The new owner obtained approvals from Mesa County to adjust the boundaries of the three parcels to accommodate development of the site for a future camping resort and for the continued agricultural operations. Deeds were recorded in December of 2016 to reflect the modified boundaries (PBR Property Line Adjustment – Deposit 5330-16). Then in January of 2017, eighteen acres of land and a section of North River Road were annexed into the Town and a conditional use permit was granted for an area of 14 acres for the Palisade Basecamp Resort.

The PBR Subdivision was recorded in December of 2017 establishing the current property boundaries. Lots 1 and 2 of the PBR Subdivision, which contain approximately 14.081 acres of land, are developed as the Palisade Basecamp Resort. The remaining land (Lot 3 PBR Subdivision) encompasses an area of approximately 4.2 acres and is utilized by the existing greenhouse structures.


The applicant proposes to utilize an existing building on the site for a retail marijuana store. The building would be re-faced with a new exterior façade and the interior of the structure rehabilitated for the proposed use. The retail store would include an area of approximately 2,200 square feet. Because there are no plans to remove existing structures, the greenhouses south of the site will be separated from the proposed store by a property line. Any renovation to the building will, therefore, require fire-rated separation.  A fence would be constructed along the property line to separate the properties. Access to the site would be from a driveway off of North River Road that will serve both the retail store and the adjoining greenhouses. The existing driveway, immediately in front of the store, would be removed and replaced by formalized landscaped/pedestrian area and outdoor sitting area.

Twelve parking spaces and a screened trash enclosure are proposed along the north edge of the property adjacent to North River Road. The parking spaces and trash enclosure would be separated from the travel lanes by a landscaped buffer and 5 foot concrete walkway.

The applicant has provided the following graphic representations to illustrate the proposed changes that are anticipated if the CUP is granted:

The application includes a submitted site plan and landscape plan that are being reviewed administratively. Review comments are attached to this staff report along with the applicant’s responses. If the Conditional Use Permit is granted, the site must develop consistent with the submitted plans, subject to satisfying review comments and compliance with all conditions of approval. 

In an effort to be an unbiased source of information, all text in this summary comes directly from government resources.


  • Recommended Approval by the Planning Commission

    Mon, Apr 2nd 2018