S.B.512. SCHOOLS:  Provides relative to school employee participation in student-initiated prayer. (gov sig)

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                    Present law (R.S. 17:2115.3) provides that no law, rule, or policy may deny any student attending a public elementary or secondary school the right to participate in voluntary, student-initiated, student-led prayer.

Present law (R.S. 17:2115.11) provides conditions for student-initiated prayer and allows school employees to volunteer to supervise student-initiated prayer. Also provides that anyschool employee may participate in the gathering if it occurs before the employee's work day begins or after the employee's work day ends.
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                    Proposed law retains present law and additionally allows a school employee, upon request of a student or students, to attend and participate in a gathering where there is student-initiated prayer or to pray with a student during the employee's work day, provided that the parent or legal guardian of each student in attendance at the gathering, or with whom the employee prays, has submitted a signed request that the employee participate in the gathering or pray with his child and such participation does not interfere with the employee's prescribed work duties.

Effective upon signature of the governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.

(Amends R.S. 17:2115.11) Summary of Amendments Adopted by Senate Committee Amendments Proposed by Senate Committee on Education to the original bill 1. Allows school employees to pray with a student upon request if the student's parent or legal guardian has provided a signed request and the prayer does not interfere with the employee's work duties.

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  • Amendments proposed by the House read and concurred in by a vote of 28 yeas and 1 nays.

    Fri, May 18th 2018
  • Rules suspended. Discharged from Conference Committee..

    Fri, May 18th 2018
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    Fri, May 18th 2018
  • Notice House Conference Committee members appointed.

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    Fri, May 18th 2018
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    Fri, May 18th 2018
  • Reconsidered the vote by which the House amendments were rejected.

    Fri, May 18th 2018
  • Notice of Senate conferees appointed.

    Thu, May 17th 2018
  • Senate conference committee members appointed: Gatti, Morrish, and Milkovich.

    Thu, May 17th 2018
  • Amendments proposed by the House read and rejected by a vote of 31 yeas and 1 nays.

    Thu, May 17th 2018
  • Received from the House with amendments.

    Wed, May 16th 2018
  • Read third time by title, amended, roll called on final passage, yeas 99, nays 0. Finally passed, ordered to the Senate.

    Wed, May 16th 2018
  • Scheduled for floor debate on 05/16/18.

    Fri, May 11th 2018
  • Read by title, passed to 3rd reading.

    Fri, May 11th 2018
  • Reported without Legislative Bureau amendments.

    Thu, May 10th 2018
  • Reported favorably (10-4-1). Referred to the Legislative Bureau.

    Tue, May 8th 2018
  • Read by title, under the rules, referred to the Committee on Education.

    Fri, Apr 27th 2018
  • Received in the House from the Senate, read by title, lies over under the rules.

    Thu, Apr 26th 2018
  • Read by title, passed by a vote of 29 yeas and 0 nays, and sent to the House. Motion to reconsider tabled.

    Thu, Apr 26th 2018
  • Read by title. Committee amendments read and adopted. Ordered engrossed and passed to third reading and final passage.

    Tue, Apr 24th 2018
  • Reported with amendments.

    Mon, Apr 23rd 2018
  • Read second time by title and referred to the Committee on Education.

    Tue, Apr 3rd 2018
  • Rules suspended. Introduced in the Senate. Read by title and placed on the Calendar for a second reading.

    Mon, Apr 2nd 2018