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                    Amends the School Code. Provides that if an individual is dismissed by a school district for committing a physical or sexual act on a student, the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board shall immediately suspend, pending revocation, any license issued to that individual under the Educator Licensure Article of the Code. With regard to employee dismissal proceedings, provides that in the case of charges involving physical or sexual contact with a student or a person under the age of 18, the hearing officer shall make alternative hearing procedures to protect a witness who is a student or who is under the age of 18 from being intimidated or traumatized. Amends the Employment Record Disclosure Act. Provides that a current or former employer and any authorized employee or agent acting on its behalf who, whether upon inquiry or on its own initiative, provides information to a school district created under the School Code orally or in writing that it believes in good faith to be true or based upon an accurate record about a current or former employee's job performance, record of misconduct, disciplinary history, or criminal history shall be immune from any cause of action or civil liability related to or stemming from that communication. Amends the Personnel Record Review Act to provide that certain disclosure requirements under the Act do not apply to a school district responding to an inquiry from a prospective employer or to activities or associations with individuals or groups involved in the physical, sexual, or other exploitation of minors. Makes conforming and other changes.

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    Wed, Aug 1st 2018
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    Wed, Jul 25th 2018
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    Wed, Jul 25th 2018
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