O.4697. Approving the following Board, Commission and Committee appointments for the remainder of unexpired terms to expire May 31, 2019. Appointments are effective immediately if eight affirmative votes received, or ten days after appointment if passed with less than eight affirmative votes. [Leticia M. Vacek, City Clerk] A) Appointing Scott W. Carpenter (District 6) to the Historic and Design Review Commission. B) Appointing Celina Escamilla (District 7) to the SA2020 Commission on Strengthening Family Well-being. C) An Ordinance appointing Brian G. R. Hughes (District 7) to the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee for the remainder of an unexpired term of office to expire May 31, 2019; and waiving the City Code residency requirement in Chapter 2, Article IX, Sec. 2-529(B) for this appointment.

San Antonio City Council
Date of Vote: Thu, Aug 16th 2018
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  • City Council A Session

    Thu, Aug 16th 2018